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Webinar: Food photography and tips for the perfect flat lay with Solli Kanani

Earlier this month we teamed up with Paris- based food photographer Solli Kanani, for a fantastic webinar about Food Photography and Flat Lays. Here is the video recording from the live session!

Getting the composition right before pressing the shutter button is the hallmark of a true professional photographer. Solli Kanani not only practises this but takes it to another level by elevating food photography to an artistic realm.

In this webinar and Q\u0026A, Solli walks you through how to improve your food photography with some flat lay compositional tips. Plus, she discusses the necessary equipment, props, colors and much more.

This webinar covers :
• Necessary equipment: camera, lenses, tripod, reflectors
• Lighting: artificial/natural light
• Food props, backgrounds
• The importance of color in food photography
• Flat lay composition tips: from idea to a final image

This webinar is designed for anyone interested in improving their food photography and flat lay styling skills.

This webinar was done in partnership with BenQ and Wex Photo Video.
Mateusz M : I must sadly say, that these were some of the worst x-rite webinar's in witch I was able to participate. Virtually no knowledge was shared. Most important topics were just mentioned with comment that there is no time to elaborate. Part for sponsors definitely too long compared to the whole webinar.
X-rite, please start making webinar's worth seeing as you used to do in the past.

Webinar: Your Best Color: Adrian Weinbrecht on getting colors right & filmmaking in the “new normal"

Lights, camera, hand sanitizer! From running at full speed at the start of 2020, the previously booming filmmaking industry has screeched to a shuddering halt in the wake of Coronavirus, and many are now wondering what a return to production looks like.

So, we’ve teamed up with Adrian Weinbrecht, Director of Photography at My Perfect Cousin, to offer you a webinar on working under the “new normal” and Adrian’s insights on how to get your colors right in cinematography.

The webinar covers:
• Measures that Adrian and his crew have taken to resume production in the UK
• Tips for adapting to the new guidelines
• The importance of color in filmmaking
• Insights from Adrian and his team’s most recent projects

Adrian Weinbrecht is an award-winning image-maker based in London and working globally. He has been in the business for over 20 years and is one of the founders of My Perfect Cousin, his visual content production company. Over the years, Adrian has amassed an impressive client list: from Amazon to Adidas, Converse, Panasonic and even Britain’s Next Top Model.

Adrian produces both motion content and stills for all platforms – from cinema advertising to 10-second social teasers. He has a passion for light and working with people, comfortable with running a large crew on set or travelling solo. Whatever the assignment, it’s his sharp awareness of composition, lighting and color, and ability to turn things around quickly and an easy-going friendly demeanour, which ensure he has remained in demand over the years.
Andrew : Interesting that you comment that light is made out of red green and blue. Is that really the correct way to look at it? Our 'sensors' , both natural and manufactured, interpret light by being sensitive to R G B wavelengths whereas human-visible light itself is a continuum of wavelengths from red to violet.

Matching Cameras with Custom Camera Profiles

Coloratti Joe Brady shows us how using custom camera profiles made with X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 can bring different camera sensors to a known value allowing you to color match images from multiple camera bodies before you start editing.
jose manuel alorda : I always thought you have to do only one profile for each camera and lens.. once you have that you can apply the profile to all different light situations... with that profile done, then the rest is all about white balance, right?
Artem Klimov : But why is it happening? All those cameras should already attach a proper color profile to each photo they take, usually it's sRGB or AdobeRGB (can be selected in settings). When OS and image viewer know the proper color profile of the photo and monitor profile, the color can be mapped accurately. So, are those cameras not calibrated properly? (hard to believe...)
Gary Stockton : Very helpful video. I have a color checker passport, but never really understood how to use it, till now. Thanks.,
Ron Hu : LR is going away.. Capture One is for the most part taking those people. I'm one of them. LR X-Rite support was the reason I delayed, and had to give up for a long while. X-Rite finally pulled their head out and created the conversation tool to support C1. Although I can't use it as it still destroys the Blacks. It clips them so they look white washed.
That is the think I don't care much for X-Rite. They are not a very aggressive company to go after markets.. AKA NON Adobe software.
X-Rite needs to step up their game for consumer. They may be awesome in the big money of Corporate things. That needs to transfer to consumer for a consistent company image of professionalism to prevail.
Donnie Frank : I generally shoot compressed h.264 video with my Canon 70D and my drones. I'm always wrestling with color. None of these cameras have video RAW capabilities, but they ALL have photo RAW capabilities. Can I take RAW photos and then apply the color profile to the compressed video? I use the Adobe CC Suite, so I edit in Premiere.
Work flow...
I this CAN be done, can profiles be directly created in Premiere Pro? Or do I have to create profiles in Photoshop or Lightroom, and then export those profiles to Premiere somehow?
Akos Simon : Can this target and this very proccess also be used on an Exposn Scaneer v850 pro ?
Akos Simon : is this plugin aslo existing for Photoshop ? or does this plugin only exist for lightroom?
Akos Simon : Video clips filmed with a Sony 6500: can this same technique be used for that video as well?
Sergio Rodriguez : Do you need to create a custom profile for each camera and lens combination or a single custom profile for the camera under a certain light condition works with different lenses?
Peter Glanvill : Do I need to create a different profile for each lighting situation, e.g. a profile for daylight, studio flash, tungsten light, speedlight etc?




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